18 terms K-pop fans must know

18 terms K-Pop fans must know
18 terms K-Pop fans must know

Have you already joined the K-pop craze? No wonder: this infinite and vibrant word of music, fashion, fan fiction, dance, and performance have won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. However, if you have entered this fandom rather recently, you might be surprised by the amount of unknown words regularly used by fans. Don’t worry, we are here to help you make things clear. In this article we have collected a list of the most commonly used K-pop terms every fan must know.

1) Aegyo. This word stands for super sweetness and cuteness. This term can relate to everything, ranging from idols singing children’s songs to dancing cute dances to soften their image.

2) Age line. The term refers to idol groups that appeared in the same year.

3) All-kill. If a song manages to top the list of eight Korean music charts (which his pretty challenging), it is called all-kill.

4) Anti-fan. As it is clear from the name, anti-fan (or anti) is a person who dislikes a particular K-pop group.

5) Bias. In the K-pop fandom the word “bias” is used to refer to one’s favorite group or a member of a particular group.

6) Comeback. A comeback stands for the release of new music. It is typically a long process, involving teasers, track lists, or even some pre-album singles.

7) Daesang. It is the most honorable award a k-pop group can get.

8) Fan chant. Fan chants include everything fans shout on the concerts, ranging from names of the group members to the most memorable lines of their songs.

9) Gayo. There are three festivals – MBC Gayo, KBS Gayo, and SBS Gayo – devoted to special performances and groups that have already gone down in K-pop history.

10) Hwaiting. This term means cheering someone on or expressing support.

11) Idol. This word can be attributed both to a particular performer to a group, but mostly to those who have undergone training before the debut.

12) Killing part. As you might have already guessed, this is, according to fans, the best part of a song (can be also applied to choreography).

13) Maknae. Usually used as “golden maknae” and designates the youngest but very talented member of an idol group.

14) Sub-unit. Some big idol groups have several smaller groups within them (e.g. performance, vocal, rap, or other units) that can release music separately.

15) The big 3. There are three biggest entertainment companies in Korea: SM Entertainment, YG, and JYP Entertainment, which are called The big 3.

16) Trainee. If a group has not yet become an idol, it is a trainee, couched by entertainment companies in dancing, singing, and languages.

17) V Live. This livestream platform is a must for every fan because the majority of idols have official accounts there.

18) Weekly idol. A weekly idol is a program that invited idols to show their funniest sides.

Now, that you know these keywords, you can call yourself a savvy k-pop fan!

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