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It all started in 1997 when the Asian Financial Crisis hit. The South Korean government called for the development of the entertainment industry as a new way to strengthen the fragile economy. It gave way to the “Korean wave” of pop culture that has taken the whole world by storm.

Today K-pop has a super influential power. It helps to promote the latest fashion trends. K-pop artists create the image that South Korea is the trendiest fashion destination. This year K-pop stars remain to be in the fashion spotlight, while their outfits prove why they are the fashion industry’s latest and greatest gems. When K-pop idols wear something, no matter the brand, fans want it all. Buying the exact clothes and accessories K-pop artists wear is a way for fans to feel connected to these stars. So here are some fashion trends you should consider if you want to be closer to your favorite K-pop artist:


A hat can make or break a look. The Parisian style beret is a good addition to any outfit. With cute hues and soft materials, berets paired with the retro clothing pieces will help you look gorgeous. TWICE’s Sana and BLACKPINK’s Lisa know how to make beret work its magic in spicing up outfits!


Logomania is everywhere and it will become bigger. K-pop idols like BTS wear monogrammed pieces. From music videos to red carpet events, we can see this K-pop fashion trend everywhere.


K-pop artists love accessories. There are no rules when accessorizing, so don’t be afraid to experiment to achieve the look of a Korean pop star. Shop for designer pins, printed scarves, big shades, and unique earrings. For example, girls from TWICE show off their cool style accessorizing their outfits with statement earrings in their video “Dance the night away”.


Abstract prints paired with checkered prints are popular with your favorite K-pop idols. One of the best ways to look all dressed up is to add some piece with print to the outfit. From stripes to zigzags to polka dots, there is power in wearing mixed prints. EXO’s Kai knows how to combine simple pieces with eye-catching prints.


Fashion trends come and go. But there is something special in a well-tailored suit. K-pop artists don’t want them to be formal. They break the convention with relaxed, over-sized suits that give their look a street vibe. You can also add a little razzle dazzle to your look with prints and sequins.


If there is one thing you can’t remove from K-pop, it is color. And neon is the hottest color. It is an essential part of K-pop streetwear, music videos, and performance outfits. SEVENTEEN’s The8 wears total neon green to the airport and looks cool and comfortable.

K-pop stars have proven that being fashionable is their priority. Look up to your idol to gain insight into the next top trend to follow. You can easily incorporate these trends into your daily wear. Give your look a revamp by shopping the best clothes and accessories. If you have ever wondered “How can I find a K-pop store near me?” You don’t need to worry anymore. Our online store has everything to make you look like your K-pop idol.

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