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As with any popular trend, K-pop culture has fans that use their creativity, admiration, and ambitions to write  stories that inspire other fans. In this articles, we have collected the most impressive K-pop stories that every fan must read.

1) Miss Wanted.

The story is about six juvenile convicts that want to prove one girl’s innocence and act together to restore justice. While in the majority of fan fiction, the main character is naive and helpless, the main heroine here is quite self-confident and knows what to do to make her revenge successful. The story has a remarkable plot alongside love line and interesting individual stories of each character.

2) The Dull One.

The main characters are two sisters, one of which surpasses the other in everything. The story is nice and light, with a cliché plot line. However, the story of an unattractive younger sister is very touching and will not leave you indifferent.

3) The Only One.

Are you a fan of werewolf stories? Then, this one is for you. It tells about a werewolf who refuses to keep the tradition to mate for eternity that keeps him alive.

4) A Dead Man’s Diary.

A young girl receives a diary of a dead boy who loved her. If you are looking for an intriguing and heartbreaking story, you will definitely like this one.

5) It’s a Hip-Hop World, Baby!

Your dangerous life changes drastically, when there appear seven boys – Block B – while you also have five older brothers who are overprotective and hilarious. The story line is catching indeed!

6) Love Amongst Elites.

The story is about four elites, three best friends, and two characters who hate each other. If you are interested in the elite world, you will enjoy this story immensely.

7) Red Skies and Royal Cards.

This story is remarkable with its creativity. EXO is shown as warriors that dwell in trading cards and taking part in a war that no one know existed. This story is surely among those that will blow your mind away by its originality and exciting plot!

8) Two Moons.

This is another story from EXO fans. Like the previous one, it also features warriors. The action is set in the world, where there are only magical warriors that are controlled by powerful masters. The plot does not concentrate on the friendship between the former and the latter. By contrast, its plot is something of a reverse harem.

9) How Can It Be Him.

The main character is preparing for her first day at school when she learns that there are two new boys are to be transferred to it. She evidently gives preference to the second guy but it turns out so that she ends up with the first one. This story is a wonderful mixture of humour, love, romance, and exciting plot. If you are a fan of BTW, it is going to be among your favorites!

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