Things you should never say to K-pop fans not to make them mad at you

Things you should never say to K-pop fans not to make them mad at you
Things you should never say to K-pop fans not to make them mad at you

Due to the growing popularity of K-pop, almost everyone has a friend who is fond of this music. Do you have some? In this case, you should know what things you should never tell them if you don’t want to make them angry or offended (especially taking into the account the fact that the majority of these things are far from being true). Here is our list of don’ts:

1) Never ask a K-pop fan why he or she listens to this music without speaking or understanding Korean. If you really don’t want to hurt a foreign fan, don’t ask this stupid question. First and foremost, music is a universal language that can be understood even without words. Second, have you heard of Google? It is now not a problem to find good translations of all lyrics of all popular songs.

2) The second taboo is saying that K-pop is nothing more than another fad. This comment will show your total ignorance in this issue. In fact, K-pop has been popular in the East for many decades. Since recently, it has spread to the West to become a global trend.

3) Restrain from commenting the appearance of the artists. There are a lot of those who claim that it is impossible to tell a girl from a boy when it comes to K-pop idols. Of course, there are some artists who delete the boundaries between femininity and masculinity. However, generalizing this is incorrect. Moreover, do not forget that Korean standards of beauty have nothing to do with ours: men without beards are still men as well as girls without long hair are still girls.

4) Don’t mention the topic of plastic surgery. The first reason to avoid such comments is that the majority of idols still have natural beauty accentuated by make-up. Second, whose who did surgery speak openly about that. Finally: what is wrong with this fact? Do you know a lot of Western stars who never did plastic surgery?

5) Don’t tell a K-pop fan that he or she simply has the so-called “yellow fever” (implying that the person is just obsessed with everything Asian). The fact that a person prefers such music does not make him or her a fetishist.

6) If you are not good in telling Asians apart, don’t say that they look the same. Although some members of K-pop groups are really similar, a real fan will easily tell them apart. Again, does it really tell on the quality of their singing?

7) Another irritating thing for a fan is to listen to advice to download music for free instead of buying it. Many K-pop fans are eager to support artists for them to continue to produce good music and be awarded for it.

8) Finally, don’t tell a K-pop fan that his preference is dictated only by the looks of K-pop idols. Despite the fact that they are really attractive, the key reason is their music, not their appearance.

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