Why EXO is one of the coolest K-pop idols


EXO is a South Korean-Chinese K-pop boy band, currently consisting of 9 members (excluding 3 former ones), which had its debut in 2012 and has already received global recognition and a number of prestigious awards, having become one of the legendary idols in K-pop music. Today, EXO has millions of fans all over the world, becoming ever more popular every year. In this article, we will attempt to find out what makes EXO an extraordinary K-pop group that continues to win people’s hearts:

1) Of course, the key an the most obvious reason is that these guys are really talented. All the members of EXO can boast of stunning singing and dancing skills. Moreover, they all can play instruments, act, speak several languages, and many other things, in which they excel.

2) Another important success factor of EXO is that they are hard-working and dedicated to what they do. Indeed, the band puts a lot of effort to make their performances perfect and learn new things continuously.

3)  All the members of EXO are perfect models. Just look at these boys: they can take on any clothes  and still look amazing due to their charm and natural charisma.

4) It is hard to deny EXO their unexplainable attractiveness that no one can resist. Even if you listen to them unceasingly, you cannot stop  and want more and more.

5)  It is evident even to those who hear EXO for the first time in their life that their songs are fantastic, without exceptions. The point is that guys bring everything to perfection: music, text, solos, etc. If you listen to several songs, you will fall in love with them forever!

6)  Besides singing, EXO is remarkable in their choreography. If you have never watched it, this show is definitely worth seeing! Their dances perfectly match the music and the content of their songs, creating great harmony.

7) EXO members really appreciate their fans. EXO fandom is huge and the group provides it with incomparable fan service, posting amazing clips on EXO-Ls.

8) They are really caring and friendly. Besides the fact that there are no conflicts within the group (the guys really care a lot about one another and perceive themselves as a family), they also have great relationships with their families and friends. So, besides being great performers, they can also serve as good role models for their fans.

9) EXO are very modest boys. Although it was initially clear that they are going to make a unique team, EXO members remain very modest and do not behave like typical stars. Moreover, they do a lot for other people: the guys help the needy and donate a lot of money, which shows how kind-hearted and considerate they are.

10) They respect other groups. EXO never ignore the existence of other talented artists and groups and often praise others’ achievements in their interviews. Watching them speak positively about others is nothing more than a great pleasure.

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